CyberArk's Privileged Account Security Solution features and benefits

CyberArk's Privileged Account Security Solution features and benefits

CyberArk provides innovative privileged account security solutions designed specifically to protect organizations against sophisticated cyber threats, helping protect these accounts with features and capabilities that provide ample access to systems and data while remaining unobtrusive to end-users.

Taking care to secure these accounts should be part of every organization's overall cybersecurity plan, not something left for chance when protecting privileged accounts can provide access to vital assets within an organization that could prove invaluable in protecting systems against future attacks.

Below are several key features and functionalities of CyberArk's Privileged Account Security solution:

CyberArk provides organizations with a centralized management platform for privileged accounts, making it simple and effective to monitor access. Organizations can allocate and withdraw privileges easily as well as set password regulations, monitor account activities and oversee account actions from this single dashboard.

CyberArk's solution provides organizations with real-time privileged session management features to actively record and observe privileged sessions for real time monitoring - an approach which helps identify security vulnerabilities while offering insights into user behavior patterns.

CyberArk offers advanced threat analytics features, using machine learning and behavioral analysis, to detect potential security threats. This entails being able to recognize unusual actions like uncommon access patterns or instances of privilege escalation that might exist in any organization.

Cloud-Native Security Controls: CyberArk's cloud integration services allow organizations to easily implement cloud-native security controls that improve organizational operations by seamlessly connecting privileged account security solutions with cloud systems and applications, helping implement identity and access management (IAM) solutions integrated directly with well-known cloud platforms like AWS or Azure.

CyberArk provides secure access capabilities for third-party vendors, enabling organizations to grant them privileged accounts while protecting sensitive information. In addition, virtual accounts may be created that restrict access to certain systems and applications.

CyberArk offers password vaulting functionality to assist organizations in safely storing and managing passwords for privileged accounts. With its ability to automatically rotate passwords, CyberArk ensures its constant security and currency.

CyberArk offers session isolation capabilities, enabling organizations to segregate privileged sessions from the rest of the network and thus reduce potential security breaches by effectively impeding attackers' movements within it. Implementation of such measures may effectively block attackers' movements within your network and thus decrease any associated consequences should any security breach take place.

CyberArk provides robust reporting and auditing features that enable organizations to easily keep tabs on privileged account activity, from monitoring usage patterns and password changes, through to security incidents. Reports regarding user activity can also be generated.

CyberArk provides professional and managed services in addition to its technology solutions, including evaluation and execution assistance and ongoing managed services for safeguarding privileged accounts.

CyberArk offers organizations a robust privileged account security solution with features and capabilities designed to effectively defend against sophisticated cyber threats.

Through consolidating account management, using advanced threat analytics, implementing cloud native security controls and other features - CyberArk helps organizations ensure maximum protection of privileged accounts.


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