Glossary - VISION Trial - Vision in Stroke Intervention Or Not


Blind-sight: The ability to respond to certain visual stimuli within a perceptually blind area of visual field.

Homonymous hemianopia: Loss of half of the field of vision to one side in each eye.

Monocular vision: vision in one eye only.

Peripheral vision: field of vision out to both sides.

Prism: Optical plastic membrane which displaces images which are viewed through the prism.

Quadrantanopia: Loss of a quarter of the field of vision.

Scotoma: isolated area of visual field loss.

Visual field: the whole of vision from straight ahead to the periphery (outwards).

Visual impairment: vision loss resulting in a limitation of visual capability.

Visual scanning: training that encourages an individual to systematically look to the right and left sides.


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